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Innovative Health Partners

Restoring Patient Health

Drs. Alethea Eller and Jason Wibbenmeyer at Innovative Health Partners use functional medicine, which has an investigative approach, to find answers to the root cause of illness, whether it is an imbalance nutritionally, physically or emotionally. The interconnection between these three allows the whole body to be one entity. The doctors provide an individualized approach that centers around restoring their patients’ health all while they play an active role in the healing process.  


Everyone Deserves to be on a Winning Team!

Too often teams lack direction, have little or no motivation, miss deadlines and experience ineffective management…leading to frustration, chaos, re-work and gossip. Every person deserves to be engaged and fulfilled at work. A team that wins is respected and admired, satisfies customers, achieves results, and performs well in a pleasant culture.

Alignment Partnership educates managers on what is required to grow winning teams as they plan, organize, direct and ensure the work achieves vision, goals and strategies.

This means that managers and teams get clear on: where they’re going, why they’re going there, how they will get there, and what they want to experience along the way.

Inspired Solutions - Rick Shore

Making a Living While Making a Difference!

Helping entrepreneurs establish additional streams of on-going revenue by providing protection and restoration services for business owners, their employees, and their families. Utilizing top rated law firms and highly skilled licensed private investigators across North America we provide peace of mind and empowerment for all. Entrepreneurs can break through just having a JOB, by teaming up with a 47 year old highly successful disruptive business model, vs. re-inventing the wheel. Get control of Your Time and Your Money without a massive investment and high risk.


Wentzville, MO, USA

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